About Us

At no point in history has the purveyor of finer things been as socially and quality conscious as the patron of today.

At Beroza, our family made a conscious commitment to curate the best fabrics, leather and components to bring you our Indian artisans work of love and skill. None of this would be possible without these gifted craftsmen. It has been our endeavor to ensure that our artist's are provided the finest tools and wholesome work environment to ensure that they create a singularly special item for you to appreciate. The lack of general recognition, their simplicity and unavailability and unawareness of an appropriate stage has prevented a number of these artisans from sharing their work with the world at large. Beroza has endeavored to create a marketplace where we work with these artisans to bring you their labor of love and talent.

A number of these artisans lack formal education or recognition of their unique talent. Therein lies the magic of creating a beautiful product made of leather, silk, cotton and metal, most locally sourced, by the hands of these artists.

The Brand

At Beroza we have perfected the art of making bags, because we believe your bag is an extension of you. It is a private place that retains your identity no matter where you are. Each bag is created by hand in a traditional Indian workshop, paying particular attention to the smallest, hidden details.

The core team at Beroza has been with the company since its inception and remains committed to excellence. The credo at Beroza for the last 25 years has been: uncompromising standards to craft the best creation with care.

Each skin and every metre of fabric is meticulously examined before it goes into production.


The Beroza Story

Started in 1990 in Chennai - India, Beroza has been making handbags for innumerable clients primarily in Europe and the United Kingdom. Using creative flair as its hallmark and with years of valuable experience gained, Beroza has now launched several products under its own brand in the Indian market.

Our Collections

Our aim is to bring out styles based on design that inspires us, bags that are uncomplicated, well made and reasonably priced. We give to our customers a bag that can become their home away from home. A bag they would want to keep forever.

Our current collections are:

The Nomad – Our basis for this collection is the modern Nomad. The world has no boundaries for this person. They mix work and pleasure seamlessly. For them, their bag is their home away from home, their passport, their little piece of freedom.

The Indian – For this collection we have used fine brocades, silks, and leather in combination with embroideries. The emphasis is on detail with each bag taking several days to finish.

The Artisan – In a tribute to the Indian artisan we have used traditional Indian textiles and combined them with the best of Indian and imported leathers to make what we call the Artisan bag. To create this collection we have sourced fabrics from weavers and artisans across India. Because each piece of fabric is created by hand, no two bags will look the same.

Corporate Gifting

We can provide imaginative ideas and solutions for business promotions and gifts.