Chennai in South India has a reputation of having some of the best tanning facilities in the world. Leather for some of the most sought after international brands in the world come from these tanneries. Over the years, Beroza has carefully nurtured good working relations with some of the leading tanners in this region and has access to a wide variety of different leathers. This enables us to get top quality leather with the best natural suppleness and flawless finishes.

Craft: Valued and Respected

Bela Khalelli, the founder of Beroza, began the enterprise with a purpose-to preserve the skills of the Indian craftsmen community which was languishing, provide them a fair and full sustenance, bring their art to the world and replenish the talent pool so it was not lost to the world. This was possible only if a equitable and wholesome business model was created. Bela's passion for the handcraft sector has driven her to network with craft persons from all over the country. She serves on the Crafts Council of India. Making artifacts by hand is the second largest source of Indian livelihood after agriculture, and this must not be allowed to disappear.

Beroza uses a wide range of traditional materials and craftsmanship – whether it is Ikkats, Bandhini, Ajrak or Silks, Embroideries from North, South, East, West, we source from different craft communities and from some of India’s leading Artisans. This is our way of fostering and protecting India’s heritage story. The response from the Indian Artisan community has been overwhelming and from our buyers, equally so.

Custom Made

Craftsmanship at its best, for those who demand exclusivity. If you want a “special” piece made for you, we will give you choices in leather, colours, linings and hardware. We will also personalize your piece with your name or emboss a monogram if you so choose. All you need to do is contact us.